Township Information

Township Information:
 A post office was established in May 1896.[5]
Pickford is an unincorporated community on M-129 about 2 miles (3 km) south of M-48 at  46°09′28″N 84°21′49″W.[6] It is at the junction of two survey townships, and a portion is within Marquette Township in adjacent Mackinac County. Charles W. Pickford from Ontario first settled here on the Munuscong River in 1877. A post office was established in February 1880.[5] The Pickford ZIP code, 49774, serves most of Pickford Township as well as portions of southern Bruce Township, eastern Raber Township, and northeast Marquette Township.

Stirlingville is an unincorporated community in the township at  46°11′14″N 84°19′16″W

This was at first called "Jolly's Landing" and was renamed for William P. Stirling, a local storekeeper and steamboat operator. A post office was established in February 1888.[5]
Barbeau is to the northeast in Bruce Township, but the Barbeau ZIP code 49710 serves the northeast portion of the township.
Goetzville and Stalwart are to the southeast, and the ZIP code 49736 serves the southeast corner of the township.
Kinross is to the northwest, and the Kinross ZIP code 49752 serves an area in the northwest part of the township.
Kincheloe is to the northwest, and the Kincheloe ZIP code 49788 serves a small area in the northwest part of the township.[


Pickford Township is located in southeastern Chippewa County on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is bordered to the south by Mackinac County. The northeastern part of the township extends into Munuscong Lake, a large bay on the St. Marys River. The Munuscong River flows through the center of the township into Munuscong Lake, passing the communities of Pickford, Stirlingville, and Kelden.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the township has a total area of 119.5 square miles (309.5 km2), of which 108.3 square miles (280.4 km2) is land and 11.3 square miles (29.2 km2), or 9.42%, is water.[3]

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